Hours: Monday – Friday 6:00am-6:00pm


Churubusco Child Care Center has been serving the Whitley, Noble, and Allen Counties, since 1991 providing exceptional care to all children and families enrolled. In 1999, the Center added on to our facility to care for our growing enrollment. The addition included an activity gym, a commercial kitchen, two additional classrooms, and staff lounge. Our facility can now accommodate 151 children. In 2014, we installed a secure keypad entry to help keep our children and staff safe during unforeseen circumstances in today’s changing world.

We use Creative Curriculum as our educational resource and provide many opportunities for children to grow in developmental areas such as fine and gross motor skills, socialization, language, pre-academics, and independence. We are the latch-key provider for Smith-Green Community Schools, offering bus transportation to and from school, as well as, extracurricular activities during the school year. We also provide homework assistance and a summer enrichment program for school age children.


The Churubusco Child Care Center is a nonprofit organization providing a nurturing, learning, and safe environment for children at an affordable cost to families.

We encourage learning and exploring for every child.  Each child will be treated with kindness and will be respected as an individual with feelings and thoughts of his or her own.  Our goal is to provide programs that recognize and support uniqueness and self-esteem for each child in a setting that is structured, but allows freedom where children can create, imagine, explore, and discover their surroundings and develop confidence, responsibility, and positive self-image.

Our Teachers/Staff

Tita Shady

Tita Shady

Lead Infant Teacher
Employed since 2008

Tita Shady

Judy Sarrazin

Assistant Infant Teacher
Employed since 2002

Tita Shady

Nancy Geiger

Assistant Infant Teacher
Employed since 1993

Tita Shady

Heather Noyes

Lead Toddler Teacher
Employed since 1997

Tita Shady

Shelia McPeek

Co-Lead Toddler Teacher
Employed since 2014

Tita Shady

Marisa Noyes

Assistant Toddler Teacher
Employed since 2016

Tita Shady

Brytne Prater

Assistant Toddler Teacher & Assistant Three’s Teacher
Employed since 2016

Tita Shady

Carol Ewing

Lead Two’s Teacher
Employed since 2001

Tita Shady

Pam Akers

Co-Lead Two’s Teacher
Employed since 2005

Tita Shady

Armelyn Moffett

Assistant Two’s Teacher
Employed since 2016

Tita Shady

Jody Gaerte

Lead Three’s Teacher
Employed since 2010

Tita Shady

Miranda Hille

Assistant Three’s Teacher
Employed since 2016

Tita Shady

Chelsie Shie

Lead Young Preschool Teacher
Employed since 2016

Tita Shady

Pam Wirges

Lead Pre-K Teacher
Employed since 1991

Tita Shady

Trisha Murphy

Co-Lead Pre-K Teacher
Employed since 2015

Tita Shady

Kaitlhyn Moistner

Assistant Pre-K Teacher
Employed since 2017

Tita Shady

Stacie Roehrman

Lead School Age Teacher
Employed since 2011

Tita Shady

Alexis Bultemeier

Assistant School Age Teacher 
Employed since 2017

Tita Shady

LuAnn Beucler

Substitute Teacher
Employed since 2012

Tita Shady

Casey Fair

Lead Cook
Employed since 2001

Tita Shady

Margie Herron

Assistant Director
Employed since 1999

Tita Shady

Michelle Hecht

Executive Director
Employed since 2016

Safety/Security Procedures

The safety and security of our children is top priority at Churubusco Child Care Center.  All of our staff has been background checked, finger printed, and pre-employment requirements set forth by FSSA.  We will provide a safe environment for employees, children, parents, and the public.  Our security measures include: 

  • Number code entry system
  • Check in/out computer system
  • Classroom observation windows
  • Staff uniforms
  • Special Needs Policy
  • Arrival, Departure, and Transportation Policies
  • Secure outdoor play areas
  • Emergency Plans: Fire Drills, Tornados, and Evacuations
  • Accident Policy